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Unfortunately, with the progression of the Covid-19 situation, we regret to inform those searching for work experience placements that a number of NHS Trusts in the Hub Partnership will not be offering any for the foreseeable future. 

Please explore our dropdowns in the Work Experience menu to discover online opportunites and also find some exposure in to what a career in health and care is all about!

A Career in health and care is an amazing lifelong career path that we would still like you to consider and pursue and the pandemic has demonstrated worldwide how amazing key workers in healthcare are.

We are trying our best to keep you up to date and answer any queries we are receiving. Please remain patient and accept our apologies for any delays in responding. We will attempt to answer your queries at the earliest opportunity we have.

All staff within the Local Health & Care Careers Hub: Coventry and Warwickshire would like to thank you for all your continued support and understanding during these unfortunate times.


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