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Why choose an apprenticeship within the NHS?

Why Choose an Apprenticeship Within the NHS?

A Career within the NHS doesn't just set you on the path to become a doctor or a nurse as a lot of myths have you believe. The NHS offers over 350 different job roles across organisations. These range from Clinical Roles, such as a physiotherapist, a clinical support worker, training nurse associate and pharmacist and Non-Clinical Roles in Finance, Marketing, I.T, HR and many more.

By choosing an apprenticeship within the healthcare sector you're not just choosing a job but you’re choosing your career. Each step takes you further on your career journey and gives you many different opportunities to progress in whatever direction you choose.

Career Pathways

Below we have created some flow charts for you to show you some of the possible career pathways you could take within the NHS. One thing to note is that there is nothing to stop you from switching from a non-clinical role into a clinical role along your journey within the NHS or vice versa.