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What is the Health & Care Career Hub

What is the Local Health & Care Career Hub?

The Local Health & Care Career hub was formed in agenda as part of the Talent for Care ‘Get In, Get On, Go Further’ themes and strategic aims:

  • Get In – opportunities for people to start their career in a support role
  • Get On – support people to be the best they can be in the job they do
  • Go Further – provide opportunities for career progression, including into registered professions.

Members of the Hub include organisations across Coventry & Warwickshire who want to encourage and advise people on how to start their career journey into healthcare. Each member of the Hub works within a partnership ensuring information regarding healthcare careers is up-to-date and correct. With an environment that is constantantly changing and offering different routes into the Health & Care sector, the Hub works together to ensure there is equity and variety through career pathways into healthcare within Coventry & Warwickshire. 

The aim is to provide the local community with options that are available and accessable to them. This website will be used as a platform to share and educate information across Coventry & Warwickshire and will be continuously updated. As members of the hub we are available for the local community to contact us for advice on how to start their healthcare career journey. This can be done through the 'Contact' page on this website. 

There are over 350 different job roles across the healthcare sector. Departments include Finance, Human Resources, Communication Teams, Clinical Support Work, Estates, Nusing, Learning and Development, Whatever field you are considering in healthcare this could lead you into a career for life with one of our organisations.