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Career Progression


Your Future, Your Career...

Below are two demonstrations of Career Pathways within healthcare. As your journey in the healthcare sector develops you may chose to change from a clinical role to a non-clinical role or the other way around. Many people who have entered the healthcare career journey have discovered job roles they never knew excisted within the sector. Staff have then been supported to develop there skills and knowledge to enable them to continue there development and further progress in there career. 

  • Example number one is a clinical route to demonstrate the progression from a Level 2 apprenticeship right through to a level 7 apprenticeship. 

  • Number two is a demonstration of a business progression route within healthcare below. 

Please note that these are example pathways and within your healthcare career you may find yourself exploring many of the different job roles within the sectors. To explore some of the 350 job roles please click the following link: